“Tim Ringgold has the rare ability to speak from the heart even in front of a national sales force like mine. He connects with the crowd instantly, and he weaves inspiration and motivation through his master storytelling and ability to get EVERYONE in the room to participate.
His use of music had my entire team of 90 from sales and marketing on their feet connecting TO EACH OTHER. It
was like nothing we’ve ever had before.”
– James Wetrich, President, U.S. Wound Care Division, Molnlycke Healthcare
“I work with some of the very best speakers, top book authors,and entrepreneurs in the world. There are very few people I have ever seen that can hold people’s attention better and inspire others more than Tim Ringgold. Tim shared the stage with Sir Richard Branson, and Tim was one of the highlights of the event. There are people who have been doing public speaking FOR YEARS that I don’t think HOLD A CANDLE TO TIM.I give him my highest recommendation.”
– Joe Polish, Founder, Genius Network Mastermind Group and Piranha Marketing
“Tim worked diligently to determine the needs of our
audience and tailored his presentation specifically to our constituents. His presentation was powerful and motivating, and his efforts to connect with our audience showed in the overwhelmingly positive response. As a conference planner for over eight years, I can honestly say Tim’s presentation has been one of our best received.”
-Lori Gooding, Ph.D., MT-BC, Conference Chair, SER-AMTA Annual Conference
“If you have the chance to meet with Tim in person, savor it.You won’t likely meet anyone else in the world like him. Working with Tim is an absolute treat. Very few people embody both absolute professionalism and sheer kinetic energy so seamlessly. His dedication to his craft is truly aweinspiring, and the way he articulates his work both in action and in words is no less than breathtaking.

To hear him speak so comfortably, one may think it’s effortless. But in working with Tim, I can attest that he painstakingly works through hours and hours of countless iterations to create impactful presentations. His unique blend of humor, passion and science-based credibility invokes such an emotional response within the audience, one cannot truly appreciate his essence until seeing Tim in action in person. Working with Tim reminds me there is much
beauty and integrity in the world. We just need more people like him to spread around.

-Nikkisa Abdollahi, Curator & Organizer, TEDxYouth@BommerCanyon
Tim surpassed my wildest expectations in providing a unique and challenging educational experience for the participants at our educational meetings. Tim’s ability to connect with participants of all ages – 4 to 64 – was amazing. His thorough knowledge of his subject matter was awe-inspiring and the participants at our meetings gave Tim rave reviews.

I appreciated his proactive approach to learning about the challenging patient population that we serve and was inspired to watch him interact with the participants on-site, as he extended his knowledge from a presentation setting into more casual and intimate one-on-one conversations. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Tim again!

-Christa Dardaganian, Director of Educational Strategy,National Hemophilia Foundation